Athlete Testimonials

“Personally Jon and his team at S.P.E.A.R. are one of the best at what they do. One word to describe him would definitely be innovative! You won’t find a more unique trainer, workout regimen, and gym gadgets. You're going to work muscles you never knew existed. Everyday is a surprise. Seriously, I’m grateful to have met him, because I know he can help me elevate my game to the next level. But don’t waste his time and he definitely won’t waste yours!”
David Bass
NFL Outside Linebacker
“Jon pushed me to be better every day. He pushed me to become stronger and to improve my work ethic in the weight room and it translated into the court. Whether it was stretching or working out and maybe even both in the same day, I know I was getting better every time I put in the work with Jon. He elevated my game, work ethic, and my nutrition habits to another level! Thanks Jon and SPEAR Training for Everything!”
Jalen Brunson
Point Guard, University of Villanova
2015 FIBA Team USA U19 World Champion and Most Valuable Player, 2015 McDonalds All American Team, 2015 USA Junior National Select Team, 2015 Mr. Basketball of Illinois, 2015 Gatorade State Player of the Year
“Jon and SPEAR Training have helped my hockey career tremendously, whether it be injury prevention and building a strong foundation with weightlifting or working on my power with Olympic lifting, plyometrics and certain exercises that allow me to become a more explosive skater, he's been the driving force in my hockey career, both on and off of the ice.”
Nick Olczyk
Forward, Colorado College
“Working with Jon during the offseason helped me strengthen my strengths and improve upon my weaknesses. All around I know that I am stronger now than the day I started. Hard work leads to profit. I'm excited to see payoff of our work when the season starts.”
Sam Acho
NFL Linebacker | Humanitarian
“Working with Jon at SPEAR was definitely a great experience for me. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. There's no doubt I've gotten bigger, stronger, faster, and more explosive from working with him. I am definitely looking forward to working with Jon at SPEAR for many off seasons to come.”
Mike Jordon
NFL Defensive Back
“The work I did with Jon at Spear translated extremely well to my workouts once I started practicing with my team. During the offseason we worked on on my weaknesses and structural balance issues. The workouts gave me a total body strength and most importantly made me feel good once on the field.”
Cornelius Washington
NFL Defensive End
“Working out at Spear was one of the best decisions I ever made for my career as a professional athlete. Not only are Jim, Jon and Jeff great people, but they are extremely hardworking, intelligent and skilled at what they do. The specific programs that each athlete receives is unmatched and truly beneficial to each as an individual. Everyday I go into Spear during my offseason I am pushed to my limits to reach my full potential and I can't thank Jim enough for that. Spear is a top of the line facility with the best equipment around. It truly is a pleasure being able to work with Jim at Spear when I am home from baseball. I highly recommend training at Spear if you want to reach your full potential and become the best athlete possible!”
Adam Walton
Infielder, Arizona Diamondbacks Organization
“When I started working out with Jon/Spear 2 years ago, I immediately noticed a difference when playing basketball. Working out with him has increased my strength and athletic ability tremendously. He has helped increase my vertical by 4 inches, gain 19 pounds of muscle in an offseason, and increased my speed and quickness. I really enjoy working out with Jon at Spear because they've established an environment that focuses on getting you better. A lot of my success so far as an athlete, can be attributed to Jon and what we've done at Spear.”
Justin Smith
Forward, Indiana University
“I heard about Spear Training from my good friend Adam Walton, who also plays minor league baseball. I started to train in the Winter of 2016 and immediately fell in love with the knowledge and the passion that Jim shared with both Adam and I. Not only is he dedicated, but they also want you to succeed as I wanted to. I believe that is very important when looking for a athletic strength coach.
My strength and flexibility improved almost immediately. After going through the evaluation Jim was able to put together a custom plan for me that I felt addressed problems with my flexibility and functional strength. I also noticed my legs felt stronger each week, which is important for maintaining your body over the course of a 130 game season.
Regardless of the sport you play, Spear provides fun, engaging, and challenging workouts that will get you stronger and ultimately better at your sport. It's a fun environment that makes you want to push yourself, especially when training next to other premier athletes. My favorite thing about Spear Athletic are the Strength coaches. They are very flexible and work hard to get the most out of each and every workout. Spear is best place to train in the northwest suburbs.”
Michael Martin
Oufielder, Oakland Athletics Organization