Client Testimonials

“In August of 2015 I was 292 lbs. and 48% body fat. I was spending five to six days a week at the gym which included two Reformer Pilates classes and three to four workouts on my own. It seemed that I was exercising a great deal but was only maintaining my weight. My experience with Jon Sicora started with an extensive evaluation of my strength and flexibility. I was extremely impressed with his understanding of the complexities of the body. He was able to put together a comprehensive training program that would not only increase my strength, but also maximize fat burn and increase my metabolic rate. Jon's workouts are consistently challenging. His focus on correct form and increasing but appropriate resistance has completely changed my physique. I knew that I was in good hands when I came into SPEAR one day and saw professional athletes being trained by my trainer! After 14 months I have lost 78 lbs. and 28.3% of body fat. Currently I weigh 214 lbs and am 19.7% body fat. Not bad for a 6'7" 51 year-old man. My goal is to be 10% body fat. This is an aggressive target but I feel confident with my new life-style and Jon's training I will get there. I am truly in awe of how Jon Sicora and SPEAR training improved my health and my life.”
Kevin Hinshelwood
"I was 60 pounds over weight when Jon Sicora started training me. Jon gave me the specialized training program I needed along with a realistic diet plan. I lost all of that weight plus an extra ten pounds within 4 months following his plan. It's almost a year later and I still train with Jon every week getting stronger and healthier. S.P.E.A.R. Is a full service training operation that I am always thrilled to go to. The trainers never have more than a few people in at a time so you never have to worry about fighting for weight lifting equipment like you would at other gyms. I never could have achieved the results I did without the customized plan and encouragement I received from Jon and the other trainers at S.P.E.A.R."
Corey Jones
"If your looking for a world class trainer for any age Jon and the team at Spear Training Center is the place to go.  He has been my trainer for 5 years and he is the best!  He is the most knowledgeable trainer I have ever worked with.  He knows what each individual needs to be stronger, leaner, more flexible, and be in their best shape.  Jon has an impressive background and has  many certifications in sports training. He trains everyone from professional athletes, to kids of all ages as well as many average Joe's. Many other trainers have mentioned to me that Jon is the most well respected trainer among his peers.  You cannot get a better recommendation than that! Jon is top notch  and has a beautiful facility! Give Spear a try you won't be disappointed."
Carol Digman
"Spear Training facility was a great find for us, particularly for our son. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, not to mention flexible. Our son has been working with Jim Bose since last fall and with Jim’s training, he has definitely become stronger and more agile, and he has more confidence in his abilities. Jim’s (and Spear’s) support of our son and his athletic goals have certainly been a positive. The entire staff is dedicated to the needs of all athletes and clients. In addition, Spear offers a great workout facility with some of the latest equipment and is always striving to make it better."
Rob and Sherry Ralston
"I've always been skeptical of hiring a personal trainer.  After all, I've been an athlete my entire life and always thought I personally knew enough to get the job done myself. It wasn't until I met Jon that I finally realized the athletic potential and body composition that I've always been missing. Jon is more educated, more passionate, and more supportive than any professional trainer I've ever come across. He is results driven, and the transformation I experienced came within a matter of months with sustained results for the past 2 years. There is no person i'd more highly recommend to get you in the best shape of your life than Jon Sicora."
Dennis Zlotnik
"Jim and Spear Training have been instrumental in establishing the foundation and teaching proper training techniques to help my daughter Michaela and son Trey build confidence, strength, and prepared them to be successful on the field and in life. They both made noticeable improvements in the first 1-2 months of training and we continue to see results. The workouts are tough and Jim pushes them to improve throughout while keeping them interested through the use of unique workouts designed specifically for them. They genuinely look forward to their workouts knowing they will be challenged to perform and improve each and every workout."
Troy Faunce
"My son, Michael, began training at Spear when he started high school, almost a year ago. Michael trains all year long for football, volleyball and baseball. His outstanding personal trainer, Jim Bose, made an instant connection with him. Jim's background and experience in sports is a valuable asset to his training methods. He explains every drill and its purpose throughout the workout. The facility had a major renovation and looks amazing. The equipment is brand new and my son loves the new turf area. The workouts are high intensity and focused. I, as well as his coaches, have noticed my son's muscle growth and core strength improvement. I recommend Spear for year-round training."
Amy Johnson
"To me, the best thing about Jon is his passion for his profession and the amount of time and money he spends always improving himself and his equipment.  Jon is constantly attending classes, getting new certifications, and investing in the best new equipment.  What you get when you pay for Jon’s time is not just someone to motivate you through a workout but the latest techniques and research that you just aren’t going to get by reading Men’s Health and heading to the gym to try some random workout on your own.  Everything Jon does has a purpose and leads to the next set of workouts.  Jon really opened my eyes about the importance of not just getting the workout in but also paying attention to good nutrition, supplementation, and proper stretching.  There is no question that at 46 years old I am in better shape than I was at 16, 26, or 36 and I have never regretted the investment of time or money into his program.  If I have any complaint at all it is that when I have given everything I have during a particular session and I feel like I am about to puke I think he secretly gets a kick out of it… Thanks Jon!”
Steve Schuldt
"In December of 2015 I had a hip replacement at the relatively young age of 51. I had completed the physical therapy my doctor prescribed which was standard for all patients. I, however, wanted to reclaim an active lifestyle with so many years ahead of me. This meant I had to commit myself to a program and engage an expert in rehab and fascial stretching. I worked with Jim Bose from Spear and my results exceeded all of my goals. I made huge gains in range of motion and strength. More importantly, I was given a program that I continue to use to this day. In early 2017 I was strong enough and flexible enough to ski the rockies out west. Something I had not been able to do for 8 years. Mission accomplished, goals achieved thanks to Jim... A life changer for me!"
Joey Weber
"I started personal training after my most recent orthopedic injury and worked with a number of personal trainers before training with Jeff mcCoy. Jeff focused on strengthening leftover muscle deficits from the most recent injury as well as older injuries. Working with Jeff is not only about strength, but diet, stress and sleep patterns that contribute to my overall health. With his gentle encouragement, my eating habits are much healthier from when I started and I am working on stress management."
"Whether you are new to fitness or are a gym lifer, Jon has the experience, education and manner to make your fitness process a success.  The workouts Jon brings to the gym are tailored to your ability, consistent with your goals and challenging.  With Jon, you needn't worry whether you are maximizing the use of your valuable time or getting value for your money; it will be immediately evident at your first workout and your hundredth.  Jon's skills are matched with a clean, fully stocked facility that will open the door to new and innovative workouts.  I encourage people all of the time, go see Jon at SPEAR, you wont be disappointed."
Daniel F. Walsh
"As the parents of both high school and college athletes, we highly recommend SPEAR for your child’s strength and conditioning training. The kids work hard and get bigger, stronger, and faster. Jim Bose is knowledgeable and easy to work with. Intense workouts for the serious athlete. Well worth it!"
Chris & Lynette Karras
"My wife and I both train with Jeff several times a week, and we love it. Spear has a great atmosphere, and you’ll feel right at home whether you’re an elite athlete or, like the two of us, looking to tone up and gain some muscle mass so we can keep up with our kids. Jeff is always finding new ways to challenge us so we don’t plateau, and he’s just a great guy to work out with. I was always pretty sedentary, and now I actually find myself looking forward to working out, which is a real testament to the quality of the training. If you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level, Spear is definitely the place to do it."
"Our baseball players and athletes have really benefited from the training they have been getting from Spear Training.  The trainers are the most qualified in the Chicagoland area, are up to date with current training, and most importantly really care about our athletes."
Mr. Patrick Block
Adlai E. Stevenson High School
Social Studies Teacher
Head Varsity Baseball Coach
"I have personally watched Jon and his partners at SPEAR and have come away extremely impressed with their style, exercises and program. I also have talked to all of my players that have worked out at SPEAR and they have all raved about their progress and development . Most importantly, I have seen a change in the way they perform."
Patrick Ambrose
Adlai. E. Stevenson High School
Social Studies Teacher
Head Boy's Varsity Basketball Coach