About Spear Training Center

SPEAR is an acronym which stands for Sports Performance Enhancement and Athletic Recovery. It is a 12,000 sq. ft. training facility located in Vernon Hills, IL. SPEAR was Founded in August 2015 by three of the area’s most passionate and knowledgeable strength coaches Jonathan Sicora, James Bose and Jeff McCoy.

The facility is outfitted with top of the line, state of the art strength and conditioning equipment from industry leading companies like Eleiko, Atlantis, Watson, Keiser, and Woodway. These companies were carefully selected because they offer the best equipment that will provide clients with the best training experience. Much of the equipment is specialized and exclusive to SPEAR that you will not find in any other gyms in the area. The space has a large turf area of approximately 2,500 sq .ft. for sports performance training, modified strongman training, and team/group training workouts.

The beautiful wooden architecture inside the facility and the natural light throughout the space make it a very energizing and enjoyable environment to train in. It’s complete with a high end sound system and flat screen televisions.

The facility is also equipped with a recovery room used for fascial stretch therapy, our Normatec recovery system, soft tissue work, and massage therapy. SPEAR is THE facility for Training, Recovery, and Health and Wellness.

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