Team Training

MODIFIED STRONGMAN TRAINING: This Class is comprised of compound movements, that elicit a greater physiological demand on our body resulting in greater fat loss and improved body composition. These compound movements will get you strong and powerful quickly, they will also push you outside your comfort zone and challenge you both physically and mentally. Modified Strongman training is also one of the most effective ways to make the body produce hormonal responses in our bodies for rapid fat loss. Modified strongman is great for the general population all the way though elite world class athletes.


SHOULDER HEALTH & TOTAL BODY MOBILITY: The shoulder is the most commonly injured joint in the body. Why not keep it healthy or improve its health and function? This class is designed to assess and implement techniques to help improve the quality of the shoulder joint. It will increase range of motion and build stability for a healthy shoulder. Further, this class will also look at the entire body to help improve overall mobility with the use of various tools and movements.

ADULT FITNESS: This class is structured similar to what we do with our personal training clients where you will come in foam roll, complete a dynamic warm up, go through a workout and finish with some type of conditioning. This class is for adults only and will range from beginners to more advanced exercise enthusiasts. This class is designed in a group setting to have fun while reduceing the costs compared to individual training.

SPEED & AGILITY FOR ATHLETES: Speed Kills. If you have the ability to generate speed then you already have a competitive advantage in your sport. This class teaches you how to develop speed and improve your agility and reaction time. Athletes will be taken through specific drills and movements designed to improve speed and agility. This is a progressive class that will build on previous sessions. This class is for athletes.

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